Process requiring cold and/or air treatment for the purpose of productivity gain or quality control

Your needs for plastics processes

Technicians of Thermo Réfrigération are used to work in occupied sites. With their experiences, they settle in your premises and do not disturb your staff.

Your technical process may need refrigerating system. Moulds for workpieces produce heat. So that, we take action to inject water in the sub fund of the mould or the one of oil in electric presses. Some temperate water cooled by chiller is injected in your equipments.

It is also possible to put into service a refrigerating system with air cooler. Water conveyed through batteries is cooled by outside air (free cooling). Thus, we create a hydraulic network (stainless steel or PVC pipework) with clear water circuit or glycoled water circuit (antifreeze + water). This installation makes it possible to do savings on energy when outside temperatures are favourable.

In workshops, it is also important to step in air handling. Any pollution generated by processes must be filtered in order not to have impact on finished product or to disrupt staff.

When it deals with manufacture of raw materials, the deposition of particles is significantly higher. We are leading operations of filtration of polluted air and ventilation with textile ducts, for instance.

What about Chemistry?

In the fields of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical and Perfumery, we supply you for temperature control of perfume storage tanks. Theses liquids need cooling before filtration.

In laboratory, particular atmospheres need filtration. We also bring solutions for pressure control by stages in rooms. We guarantee you storage temperature control because some product is inflammable (+10°C / – 25°C). Relative humidity control, in order to increase or reduce humidity level, becomes an integral part of our competences.

We support you in a lot of fields of activities – printing, waste treatments plants, recycling, metallurgy, automotive industry, aerospace industry, painting, …

Are your installations eligible for government support or energy efficiency certificates (CEE)?

In order to supply you in your production strategy, Thermo Réfrigération advises you for the set-up of government support. Thanks to refrigeration equipments with air cooler, also called FREE COOLING, your project will be eligible for the CEE.

Thanks to our engineering office support, we study your needs. With an Air Handling Unit (AHU) – sheath sucking the air up, passage of the air inside the box, cooling and filtration and rejects outside take part of eligible areas.

Our expertise

  • Process of cooling and industrial cooler
  • Air conditioning
  • Energy optimisation
  • Humidification

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