Consulting and design

Whether it is a new refrigeration equipment or an improvement on an existing installation, the design office will find the most sustainable solution that will meet your needs.

Cold control, air treatment, gas management, that is our business.

Every new project will begin with a sketch. So that, we will view your need and transcribe your request. Thanks to a functional overview, we verify together the technical part of your project. This will be used for a reference document for other trades.

For an effective installation, it must be precisely sized. In order to put a cost on your project, we are considering technical, regulatory, environmental and safety constraints. We are looking for the most adapted solution, with the refrigerant selection (Co2, ammoniac, propane). Some are cleaner and others are less environmentally friendly.

The financial aspect is, for sure, taking into account. All our installations are designed in keeping with energy savings and with project management.

Then, with the execution phase, we develop plans, ED modelling and electrical diagram. We are organising coordination between all the other trades in accordance with the size of your project.

We supply you in France and for exporting projects.

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