Preservation for all types of fruits at short, medium and long term. Control of weight loss and energy costs.

Air and cooling control for your fruits

For 40 years, Thermo Réfrigération will advise you for your fruit storage project. Our design office in charge of conception and dimensioning of your refrigerating plant and air handling, will precisely study your project in accordance with local regulations in force.

The conception of your project

Because your project is unique, we bring you advice and experience to meet your needs and constraints in terms of power, size, safety, energy, compliance with regulations and the environment. With the sole objective of premium conservation and storage of your fruits, apples and pears, we recommend the most appropriate techniques for the design of your refrigeration equipment project.

How to act for a longer conservation of fruits in cold rooms?

To go further in the medium-term storage process, we suggest that you activate a second lever. That of AIR TREATMENT. We then speak of “normal cold”, “controlled air” or even “modified air” with an O2 rate of 21%. We communicate on a regular basis with technical and experimentation centres, in order to provide you with tailor-made solutions and treatments adapted to the needs and requirements of your fruits; by increasing or decreasing the humidity level, for example. This process then makes it possible to act on the freshness, firmness and flavor of the fruits.

We tell you everything about the Controlled Atmosphere!

Thanks to the work with these technical and experimentation centers and our experience, we know that it is possible to control the long conservation of certain fruits such as apples, pears and kiwis. THERMO REFRIGERATION, offers a complete and global solution for the long-term storage of fruits thanks to controlled atmosphere equipment. A technique created more than 40 years ago and constantly evolving, it is mainly targeted at gas management. Each fruit breathes differently from one variety to another.

The installation of an adsorber and an O2 / CO2 analyzer makes it possible to control the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the cold rooms. For example, with O2 maintained at 2% and CO2 at 1.5% and the temperature maintained at 1°C, an apple variety such as Golden can be stored for several months (more than 6 months) with excellent firmness.

For very demanding qualitative objectives, other techniques have emerged. ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) lowers O2 and CO2 levels to 2%. The XLO (Extreme ULO) makes it possible to obtain very low levels of O2 and CO2 rates (about 1%) in order to guarantee high quality fruit, after opening the cold rooms. This technique is generally coupled with pressure management of storage chambers to adapt to existing environments.

Controlled atmosphere tools to prolong preservation

The carbon dioxide absorber eliminates the carbon dioxide produced by the fruit. In order to drive the oxygen out of the air, we use a nitrogen generator. The O2 and CO2 analyzer measures oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. It is presented in portable or built-in form (for analysis cabinets). The analysis cabinet measures the O2 and CO2 levels and controls the absorbers. Finally, the GTC Thermo Vision records the measurements over time and makes the control of the equipment more efficient.

Ethylene – C2H4

Ethylene is a plant hormone produced by fruits, well known to kiwifruit producers for example. This gas leads, beyond a certain threshold, to aging and degradation of the fruit. There is a range of equipment adapted to your fruit to eliminate ethylene, very effective on kiwis, plums and cherries. These devices can be installed in all possible storage configurations, with or without Controlled Atmosphere. The main ones are: the C2H4 analyzer which measures the ethylene level. It is presented in portable or built-in form, for analysis cabinets, the ethylene eliminator removes the ethylene produced by the fruit.

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GTC ThermoVision

Our solution for controlling your equipment allows you to have access to many features (pressure management, 02 management, CO2 from the Controlled Atmosphere) and to optimize your settings. You will be autonomous to control your energies thanks to the integrated load shedding. A real digital tool, its touch interface is accessible remotely from PC, laptop and tablet.

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