Fruits and vegetables

Preservation for all types of fruits and vegetables at short, medium and long term. Control of weight loss and energy costs.

Air and cooling control for your fruits and vegetables

For 40 years, Thermo Réfrigération will advise you for your fruit and vegetable storage project. Our design office in charge of conception and dimensioning of your refrigerating plant and air handling, will precisely study your project in accordance with local regulations in force.

The conception of your project

Because your project is unique, we bring you advice and experience in order to make it possible depending on several criteria such as:

  • the choice of fruits or vegetables stored. Each fruit and vegetable have its specific features. Apple, pear, potatoe, onion, …
  • preservation and quality objectives,
  • layout or conception of your storage areas,
  • the choice of refrigerating equipments and the analysis of the regulation of refrigerant fluids,
  • energy consumption control,
  • investment costs control,
  • calculation of Energy Efficiency Certificates (CEE).

Cooling tools for a good preservation of your fruits and vegetables

In order to respect recommendations on climate for the upholding and the extension of the quality of your fruits and vegetables, we have developed SWITCHBOARDS (regulation cupboard).

We designed these control boards with the aim of providing more simplicity and efficacy for the management of:

  • temperatures,
  • ventilation,
  • humidity rates,
  • daily cooling running time.

Do you know THERMO VISION?

This solution developed by our teams allow you to manage remotely, highly-demanding processes with simplicity, flexibility and ergonomics.

THERMO VISION is deployed to all connected technologies – PC, smartphone and notebook. It is accessible by webserver and does not need software installation or update. You can manage alerts and alarms. On site, theses switchboards have touchscreens.

We propose you solutions taking into account three parameters linked and indivisible:

  • Environment – the choice of the refrigerant fluid in compliance with regulations,
  • Economic – the choice of a refrigeration method adapted to financial issues of your project,
  • Performance – the choice of an efficient solution in order to limit operational costs and reduce your expenses.

The Energy Efficiency Certificates

Your new facilities or the extension of theses ones, can be eligible for the CEE. Several devices can be combined.
A heat recovery system on a hot production group allows to:

  • Heat or preheat water (for example for defrost),
  • Heat a building,
  • Produce hot water for sanitaries.

This system of heating recovery has to be precisely sized, dated and signed by a professional or a design office. It will have to precise the heating needs to recover (kW thermic).

We will guide you for this sizing and the complete administrative file.

How can we act for a longer preservation of fruits and vegetables in cold room?

To go further in this storage approach at medium term, we can act with AIR HANDLING. So that, we are talking about “Normal cold”, « Air controlled” or “Air modified” with O2 at 21%. Regularly, we are working with technical and experiment centres, such as CTIFL, CEFL, in order to bring solutions and treatments adapted to your needs. These proceeds enable to work on freshness, firmness and flavour of fruits and vegetables.

We tell you all about Controlled Atmosphere!

Thanks to studies with these technical and experiment centres and our experience, we perfectly know that it is possible to control long preservation of fruits such as apple, pear or kiwi.

Thermo Réfrigération, in partnership with ABSOGER for more than 25 years, proposes global solution for long-preservation storage of fruits and vegetables thanks to Controlled Atmosphere equipments.

This method was created 40 years ago. It is specially dedicated to gas control. Each fruit or vegetable breaths of a different way from one to another.

The setting up of an absorber and an analyzer of O2 and CO2 enables to control oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in cold rooms.

For instance, with O2 at 2% and CO2 at 1.5% and temperature at 1°C, an apple such as the Golden, can be preserved several months (more than 6 months) with an excellent firmness.

We can also propose other techniques. ULO – Ultra Low Oxygen enables to reduce O2 and CO2 at 2%. XLO – Extreme ULO enables to get very low level of O2 and CO2 (about 1%) in order to guarantee a high quality of fruit, after the opening of cold rooms. Most of time, this technique is coupled with the management of storage rooms in order to be adapted to existing environments.

Controlled Atmosphere tools to extend preservation

Dioxide carbon absorber enables to reduce dioxide carbon produced by fruits and vegetables.

In order to remove oxygen from the air, we appeal a nitrogen generator.

The O2 and CO2 analyser enables to evaluate oxygen and dioxide carbon concentrations. It can be portable or installed for cupboards.

Cupboard evaluates O2 and CO2 concentrations and commands the absorbers.

Finally, Thermo Vision registers measures and makes more effective the management of equipments.

Ethylene – C2H4

Ethylene is a plant hormone produced by fruits, well known of producers of kiwis for example. This gas can generate fruit ripening and deterioration above a certain threshold.

We propose a range of equipments adapted to your fruits in order to eliminate ethylene, very effective with kiwis, plums and cherries. These equipments can be settled in any types of storage configurations possible, with or without Controlled Atmosphere. The most significant are:

  • ethylene analyser measures ethylene concentrations. It can be portable or installed for cupboards,
  • ethylene eliminator eliminates ethylene produced by fruits.

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