Our long-life solutions for your vegetables.

>> Control of weight loss and your energy costs.

Controlled cold and air at the service of your vegetables

Because your project is unique, we provide advice and experience to meet your needs and constraints in terms of power, size, safety, energy, compliance with regulations and the environment.

With the objective of premium conservation and storage of your vegetables, we recommend the most appropriate techniques for the design of your refrigeration equipment project.

Management of temperatures, gases and humidity

We offer you solutions to guarantee the freshness, firmness and flavor of your vegetables and to fight against the development of diseases:

  • fast pre-cooling,
  • control of humidity,
  • O2, CO2 and C2H4 analyzer,
  • elimination or injection of C2H4,
  • air purifier.


Our solution for managing your equipment gives you access to many features and optimizes your settings. It adapts to all preservation optimization processes. You will be autonomous to control your energies thanks to the integrated load shedding. A real digital tool, its touch interface is accessible remotely from PC, laptop and tablet.

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