Our history

Created in 1981 by Alain and Christian FARRUGIA in Château-du-Loir, the family company has continually been improved and adapted to the market. Today attached to Vinci Energies group, it continues to spread and proposes solutions of refrigerating and controlled temperature for several types of activities: fruits and vegetables, garden products, mushrooms, flowers, plants, logistics, agri-food processing and industry. Focusing on more ecological and economical solutions for your refrigerating systems, we advise you and supply you for a better energy efficiency.

A bit of history

1981 – Creation of Thermo Réfrigération

Alain and Christian Farrugia created their company in the city center of Château-du-Loir. They are mostly present in Sarthe, Indre et Loire and Maine et Loire.

In 1985, they decided to develop and built a new plant in Luceau, next to Château-du-Loir. With a lot of ambition, they supplied all the equipment for the creation the experimental station La Morinière (37).

1989 – The international influence
For the company strategy, there is a shift towards new territories. Building on our know how and specific knowledge, we are able to supply, advise and set up refrigerating systems for our export customers (North Africa…).

During the 90’s, we realized the first air-controlled installations, with NH3 and ammoniac.

In 2000, its deals with the first installation with CO2.

2007 – Thermo Réfrigération joined Vinci Energies. It is above all a network of companies, know how and competences, especially in industry and refrigeration.

Since 2009, Xavier FARRUGIA is the company director of Thermo Réfrigération.

In 2018, Thermo Réfrigération realized its first propane installation.

A human size company, between 1991 and 2015, four agencies have been created in France, Saumur, Angers, Orléans and Montauban; as well as a special team for export business. This local network allows a rapid and professional intervention for our customers.

We are proud of our 40 candles!
We thank our customers for their trust.