GTC ThermoVision

Our solution for managing your energies and equipment.

Towards more performance and energy efficiency

Energy prices continue to rise at an alarming rate and interest in the environmental responsibility of manufacturers has never been so high.

Are you looking for a way to control your energies?

Would you like to be able to control and monitor your consumption in real time?

ThermoVision: our solution for MANAGING YOUR ENERGY

Our ThermoVision tool will allow you to manage your installation as a whole. It is used to configure, program and control the operation of all your equipment remotely.

Definition of time slots, temperature modulation, management of heat recovery… everything is controlled by the ThermoVision BMS which also integrates the regulation of the refrigeration plant.

  • Management of refrigeration production and ancillary equipment (pumps, sensors, etc.)
  • Control of hot water or steam production (boiler, heat recovery, cascades, etc.)
  • Multi-energy metering cold, hot, electric, gas, water, steam, etc.
  • Calculation of cold / hot COP > Monitoring and control of consumption
  • Integrated load shedding system
  • Industrial process management, terminals (Air Handling Unit, cold room)
  • Possibility of integrating lighting management, automation of additional equipment, etc.


  • New generation WIT brand French automaton
  • WEB interface – no dedicated license, no software
  • Communication with most protocols available on the market
  • Can be consulted from a PC, smartphone, tablet, only requires a WEB connection


  • Tactile interface adapted to all user profiles (maintenance technician, site manager, etc.)
  • Customization of supervision (balance sheet, reporting, summary, etc.)
  • Management of alarms, monitoring, controls, graphics,…

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