Energy savings

Energy is precious. Optimisation of your installations is major for a good management of your consumptions. We are talking about energy performance search. In this context, we propose equipments that can be adapted to yours according to our recommendations.

Floating HP
Adapt the condensing temperature to outdoor temperature. It can reduce condensing pressure in winter and in mid-season in order to limit compressors conditions. This beneficit can get 25%.

Speed variation
Adapt motors’ speed in function of condensing pressure. Speed variation allows to realize progressive starts with an up-to 10% saving motors’ consumption.

Prefer generously dimensioned condensers. For a gain of 10% more area, that’s 1°C more, that is to say, from 2 to 3% on energy consumed.

Verify the position of the temperature sensor, put it at the evaporator return air, realize the temperature sensor calibration and a regular cleaning of evaporator. This will allow to maintain energy efficiency.

Adapt defrosts according to cooling duration. Thus, the number of defrost in winter, mid-season or in storage period can be reduced. For rooms with Controlled Atmosphere, we can realize per day just one defrost every 3 or 4 days in storage period (instead of four defrosts).

Cool with outside air when weather conditions allow. A regular cleaning of exchangers allows to maintain energy efficiency.

Recover some or all calories to reject via an exchanger. The objective is to value heat rejections in hot water or in hot air. So That, it will reduce the energy bill on production of hot water and hot air.

Install electronic trigger accurate and more responsive than thermostatic expansion. It reduces overheating and thus, optimize evaporator efficiency. It can represent a gain of 20% on the power consumption of the installation. A maintenance on the check rigging of the overheating will have to be done.

Propose less energy-intensive motors. Coupled with a variable speed system, it can reduce energy consumptions recover.

Speed variation
Compressor power can vary in order to adapt it at the strict necessary of the demand. Speed variation allows to realize progressive stat ups; with a gain of 10% on compressor consumption.

Floating LP
Increase evaporating pressure when weather conditions allow. It limits compressors work. A gain from 3 to 4 % for 1°C of evaporating temperature.

We study all the statistics of energies and consumptions. We register energy consumptions and energies returned with a performance factors monitoring. That’s give you the opportunity to optimize the functioning of your installation and so, an economical installation. Thanks to Thermo Vision, you can manage your installation. Maintenance of your equipments will also be very important to measure energy consumptions.

Speed variation
Pump power can vary in order to adapt its throughput according to the cooling requirement (or heating). Variator allows to realize progressive stat ups; with a gain of 10% on pump consumption.

Adjust setpoints according to the time of the year, production periods, types of production (day/night setpoint). It reduces operating time of refrigerating production between 2 and 4%.

Measure your consumptions in real time and stop equipments if they exceed consumption limit (defined according to your electricity contract).

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