For the storage of cold and frozen products

Road traffic under controlled temperature represents from 8 to 10 % of all the freight transport. Cold logistics activity is closely linked to refrigerator transport. We supply you for study, design, realization, putting into service and maintenance of your refrigerating equipments under controlled temperature.

Cold warehouses store at short term a large variety of products with different temperature requirements. That is a real lever for your productivity and for the cold chain integrity – fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy products, seeds, pharmaceuticals, adjuvants and components.

This part will affect positive or negative warehouses, but also multi-temperature warehouses with divisible cells. The warehouse which has a thermal insulation and a cold source can get and keep a low temperature. In accordance with the surface to fit and the power wanted, our teams will recommend you equipments adapted to your needs. The choice of the refrigerant fluid will also be decisive – propane, HFO, ammoniac, CO2.

Maybe you already have a machine room?

As far as possible, we will bring modifications and/or evolutions at your existing installations; with for example, remotely monitoring and driving solutions. This will allow you to control rooms temperature, ventilation curves and humidity levels. With several thousand square meters of surface and individualized cold storage rooms, this monitoring will allow you to control your consumptions and to be alerted in case of failure or temperature drift.

The maintenance of your refrigerating installation

Your industrial refrigerating systems are strongly requested. They need regular maintenance in order to insure their durability.

Our professionals take action for evaporator upkeep. It is well known that cardboards used for products storage dirty evaporation equipments. Regular cleaning, one or twice a year is necessary. A global cleaning of refrigeration production units is recommended as well as the emptying of facilities.

Another essential control point is the calibration of temperature sensors and sensors for traceability of cold chain. This control is crucial in order to obtain a global precision of measures. Just like all the instruments, you must trust in it. So that, sensors inside the probe must be calibrated regularly.

We advise you to realize this calibration each year. Then, you are sure to be in order with real temperature measurement.

Your logistics activities are subject to government support and energy efficiency certificates (CEE).

Do you want to develop your refrigerating systems?
Do you have an expansion project? Do you want to get innovation?

You have to know that from several years, you can pretend to government supports. Hydraulic defrosting by hot water and heat recovery for the ground of negative rooms allow you to have the right to energy efficiency certificates (CEE). Dedicated to these issues, we supply you for equipment recommendations and for the complete administrative file.

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