Energetic Performance

Let’s reduce your energy costs: our support in 3 steps

Energy is very precious. Faced with the price changes of energy suppliers, we provide you with clear and personalized solutions. The optimization of your installations is therefore essential for a good management of your consumption and above all, to reduce your expenses. We then speak of research into energy performance.

The principle of climatic engineering

To succeed in your energy transition, it is essential to act on two levers:

  • electrical engineering (lighting, equipment, industrial processes),
  • climate engineering (analysis, design, maintenance, operation of facilities combining thermal comfort with energy performance).

Electricity therefore plays an essential role, as do heat and cold production systems. Thermo Refrigeration offers you personalized, efficient and innovative solutions adapted to your installations and your activities. Real support for your energy strategy.

What is that ?

Major players in energy efficiency, Thermo Refrigeration audits and analyzes your installations. This is a global audit – analysis of invoices, monitoring of consumption. This makes it possible to understand in a targeted way, the sources of energies and so-called fatal energies. This audit lends itself very well to customers with a cold unit, a compressed air unit or with a large operating area. They are indeed sometimes subject to significant heat loss. A series of recommendations will follow in order to save energy and develop long-lasting and sustainable actions.

Thanks to the ThermoVision GTC, together we can control and act in real time on your parameters and your electricity consumption, thanks to a selection of performance indicators such as: metering of electricity, water, gas, steam, fuel, etc. temperature, pressure, flow sensors, etc. the configuration of performance indicators.

Our know-how to optimize your energy consumption

Our business managers and design office technicians support you in setting up your energy optimization project for your facilities. Our experience and the analysis of this data will allow us to clearly identify the areas with high potential for energy savings, by making changes to the operational parameters, improvements and regular maintenance of your equipment.

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