Creation of a button mushrooms culture centre in Martinique.

Context / Issue / Project

Our customer wanted to implement the first button mushrooms culture centre in Martinique island. Fresh product and very sensitive with a very short shelf life, the main objective was to supply the local market.

After several years to finalise, we have begun this project rich in promise.

Our solutions

Building on our experience, we supply our customer on its construction project. Our design office sized equipments and drew plans.

A local architect dealt with civil works, structural works, electricity and premises layout.

For efficiency and productivity, we have supplied:

  • Partitions and isothermal doors,
  • Air handling equipments for the three culture rooms with shelves,
  • Refrigerating equipments for corridors, the three cold rooms and packaging room,
  • Automatic watering systems for culture rooms,
  • Warm water distribution and cold-water booster for process,
  • Steam boiler room.

In order to heat and to dehumidify culture rooms, we advised the setting up of a heat recovery system.

All the site has been equipped by our centralised technical management system (CTM) Thermo Vision. Thus, our customer can be autonomous in order to control and follow its process and its equipments.

Customer Benefits

Today, the company is now well established in local market et became a key player on the island. Innovative culture, button mushroom quickly seduced targets of inhabitants, large-scale distribution and restaurant industry.

Health crisis and the lack of tourists have reduced production cadences. Despite all that, the culture centre still operates to 80% of its capacity. At medium term, the Operations Manager is expecting a nominal production of 150 tons a year.

Specific features and jobs unknown for the new employees, some of them spent time with colleagues in France in order to be operational and ready to work quickly.

We thank the Operations Manager for trusting us as well as our teams for the setting up of this project, far away from their families.

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