Remplacement of existing technical management system (CTM) in a packing house in France.

Context / Issue / Project

The cooperative had old material. That curbed its growth, its productivity and competitiveness. Together, we have found solutions to reduce the lack of cooling power and an obsolete monitoring and automatism.

The old installation also had problem for exporting due to difficulties of temperature maintenance.

Our solutions

In order to answer their needs, we have proposed a glycol water installation with a coolant HFO at low GWP with:

  • Cooling-water production units using innovative technologies to reduce electricity consumption,
  • Adiabatic cooling tower,
  • Technical Management System « Thermo Vision » for energy optimization.

This remodeling has allowed a 25% power increase.

Customer Benefits

Best performances of your equipments with “Thermo Vision” ensure our customer a secured refrigerating production and flexibility.

Despite a beginning of site delayed because of health crisis and an early apple harvest, we realized the starting up on time, during the heat wave.

Just like our customer, we are satisfied of these first steps! The CTM allows our client to be autonomous quickly.

A regular monitoring thanks to “Thermo Vision” enables our technicians to keep an eye on all the parameters. We also bring advices and experience for energy consumptions.

With a new installation, our customer can now approach its newt harvests with serenity!

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