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Refrigerating equipments


Depending on your needs and requirements in terms of capacity, space, safety, energy, regulatory and environment compliance we recommend the most appropriate techniques for designing your refrigerating equipment project.
  Cold production techniques :   Condensers :
Direct expansion or ou régime noyé : HFC – NH3 – CO2 Air exchangers
Coolant : water – brine (MPG, MEG) - Alkali... Plate exchangers
  Shell-and-tube exchangers
Compression systems : Evaporative condensers
in machinery rooms or outdoors Open or closed cooling towers
Scroll – pistons – screw, open or semi-hermectic Dry or adiabatic air coolers
Networks : Study of your installations retrofit on a case-by-case basis
Copper – PVC – stainless steel - steel  
  Energy savings :
Evaporators : Regulation of floating HP/LP, frequency variation
Air exchangers Heat recovery: hot water deicing, desuperheater
Plate exchangers Mechanical / electronical expansion
Shell-and-tube exchangers  
The whole expertise "refrigerated equipment" is certified by obtaining the label QualiClima Froid delivred by QualiClima, qualification organization of the company Thermo Refrigeration :
Download our QualiClima and QualiFroid certifications.
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