Maintenance and After-sales service

We take care of the maintenance and repairing of your refrigeration and air treatment equipment regardless the brand, and make sure of their longevity by arranging periodic inspections.

After-sales service

Our local teams in Château du Loir, Saumur, Angers and Orléans are available seven days a week to take immediate actions on your installations in the event of equipment failure and enable you to continue working with no damage.

A primary diagnosis is ensured by a technical support hotline (please contact us).

All messages are processed, including weekends and holidays.


Our goal is to ensure the reliability of your installations. We strongly recommend that you consider a regular maintenance of your installations. With or without contract but on a regular basis, our technicians mais à fréquence régulière, our technicians carry out required controls and adjustments on your installations and replace the wear parts. We also take a proactive approach to upgrade your installations according to your use and needs.

The regulation requires certain maintenance interventions de maintenance in specific areas of activity:

  • Leak test of the refrigerating circuit
    This leakage test must be carried out according to a scale by a person qualified to handle refrigerants.
  • DESPEPED (European Pressure Equipment Directive)
    This Directive regulates the release and installation of equipments under maximum pressure of 0,5 bar.

We are qualified to provide the compulsory documents.

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