HVAC Network Expertises of Vinci Energies

Industrial Refrigeration

Food industry

  • Dairy Products, Meats, fruits and vegetables, processed products…
  • Specific preservation and storage for each type of product.
  • Deep-freezing, pasteurization and sterilisation.
  • Cheese maturiing.
Treatment of cured meats. Bakery and ready-made dishes. Winemaking.

Pharmaceutics Cosmetics

  • Process cooling
  • Flow management and traceability
  • Qualification (QI-QO).


  • Company and staff are qualified MASE Level 2. ISO and EC qualifications. ATEX.
  • Installation of specific equipments adapted to the cooling of dangerous products.
  • Carrying out laboratories and analyzers


  • Fishing, military, cruise boats…
  • Deep-freezing and preservation of fishery products and food
  • Air conditioning and air treatment,
  • Optimisation of the equipments weight and size.



Commercial Refrigeration

Convenience stores

Super and hypermarkets

Shopping malls

New installations, remodeling, energy efficiency, management of cold aisles, new technologies (CO2).

Proximity and responsive local service. Interventions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Air treatment

Clean rooms

ATEX (explosible atmosphere)

Controlled atmosphere

Temperature, hygrometry, filtration, gas concentration, overpressure and vacuum, traceability, ISO class, HACCP, room certifications.
Areas of chemistry/pharmaceutics, cosmectics, electronics, automotive and food.




Preventive and curative maintenance

Remote management

Energy performance

  • Consulting, regulatory follow-up, PED, technical documentation, audits, energy performance.
  • Remote management : remote diagnosis and monitoring.
  • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) and reporting tools.
  • Training center

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