We have been present in export for more than 30 years with a know-how recognized by our customers who are loyal to us and who trust us to support them in their commercial development.

Our customers trust us for their export projects for more than 30 years. We are committed to support them in their development.

Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Spain, Venezuela, Overseas Departments and Territories… We take part in many countries with a global offer. We propose our advices, our know-how for putting up and commissioning as well as for maintenance and repair.

We take part at all the steps of the projects by carrying the coordination with local participants, with a dedicated team, a site manager and chosen intermediaries.

Arboriculture, mushroom culture, banana-ripening, dates storage, citrus fruits storage are examples of fitting realized by our company at several thousand km from France.

Do you have a mushroom culture centre project?

Our teams bring you advices and accompanying with our partners for the realization of your ready to use project. We define together your needs and we guide you for the best cost-effectiveness. We advise you to realize the better choices, just like the choice of your compost or the machinery.

In order to keep control of the management of the different steps of the culture up to the fructification, we bring you solutions for climate control. We represent the brand FANCOM for the mushroom market in France, world leader for the mushroom climate regulation. A good gas management (CO2) enables a better mushroom development. To limit cross-contamination, a good room pressure management is necessary.

In addition, lighting management for daily cycles is necessary for exotic mushrooms.

Filtration enables control pollutants and end-of-pipe steam disinfection to kill microorganism. To improve preservation and limit losses, we propose you quick cooling solutions.

We propose ready for use solutions with all the setting up of the necessary utilities for your culture centre (heating production, cooling production, steam production, compressed air, electricity…).

Need some help to go to?

Mushroom culture needs technical nature. Good temperatures, good pressure, good gas control and good lighting.

A good harvest requires decent supplies – shelves, culture tunnels, collecting accessories, insulation by sandwich panels. We will guide you to maximise your future productivity and your mushroom farm return on investment.

And what about your apples or pears productions?

Our expertise comes up after the harvest. Inside the cold room, apples and pears keep longer. Our know how offers you solutions to reduce fruits weight losses during the storage.

With our partners network, we will be present from the beginning of your project. Our partner ABSOGER, major player in controlled atmosphere, allows a longer preservation period for apples and pears, about 6 months.

Which solutions for bananas and citrus fruits?

Each fruit has its specific features, included banana. It needs cold storage, good temperature and gas control, air-handling, treatment against humidity.

The ethylene rates control retards fruit ripening and rotting.

Regarding oranges, clementines and mandarins, the same! For citrus fruits, CO2 and ethylene control must retard fruit ripening and rotting (as well as colouring) for exportations. Theses fruits can be green for all that mature and ready for consumption. The degreening is primordial, by increasing temperatures, humidity level and ethylene.

Your made to order cold room for your fruits and vegetables

With multi-products rooms and with preservation options in order to reconcile all the obligations of each product, you can store several types of fruits and vegetables all year long. For instance, potatoes storage on April, May and apples on September. Or, several varieties of fruits together.

Our sales staff and technicians from our Engineering and Design Department can also guide you for an engineering contract – plans and cost estimates. In this case, providers search and monitoring will be at your expense.

Spare parts and original parts service

We also can provide you spare parts service to guarantee the correct functioning of your refrigerating systems. Combined with a regular maintenance, you will have long-term equipments.

Here we have some brands of spare parts we are working with: HOWDEN, MYCOM, ZIEHL-ABEGG, COPELAND, SABROE.

Original parts of regulation, control and robotics – ELIWELL, CAREL, WIT, DANFOSS, SCHNEIDER, MITSUBISHI.

Electrical parts – LEGRAND

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