Controlled Atmosphere

Specific technique for the long preservation of fruits and vegetables including apples and pears which slows the ripening process and thus enables to preserve the quality and firmness of products up to 12 months.

Thermo Réfrigération, spécialiste des environnements en atmosphère contrôlée

Thermo Réfrigération masters this technique for more than 20 years thanks to advanced technologies.

We provide solutions tailored to the varieties and markets of each producer that meet the latest regulatory constraints:

AC : Standard controlled atmosphere

ULO : Ultra Low Oxygen

XLO : eXtrem Low Oxygen


Nitrogen generators

O² – CO² analyser ; ethylene C2H4

Buffer lungs

Hydraulic valves Catalyst of ethylene Eco scrubbing

Hydraulic valves

Catalyst of ethylene Eco scrubbing

Eco scrubbing

Absoger a  partner company of Thermo Refrigeration, specialized in controlled atmosphere equipments

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